ellauri192.html on line 267: 2014 also marked the release of Tokarczuk’s most ambitious work, “The Books of Jacob,” the novel that set off much of the rancor directed at her by Polish nationalists. The book, which has yet to appear in English, is centered on the historical figure of Jakub Frank, a Jewish-born 18th-century religious leader. Frank, believed to have been born with the name Jakub Leibowicz, oversaw a messianic sect that incorporated significant portions of Christian practice into Judaism; he led mass baptisms of his followers. As Ruth Franklin reported in a New Yorker profile this past summer, Tokarczuk spent almost a decade researching Frank and the Poland in which he lived. The result is a book that, by the account of those who have read it, delivers a picture of the many intricate and unpredictable ways in which the story of Poland is tied to the story of its Jews. “There’s no Polish culture without Jewish culture,” Tokarczuk told Franklin. What else is new, asks Isaac Singer. Tokarczuk is not a Jewess, Tokarczuk considers herself a disciple of Carl Jung and cites his psychology as an inspiration for her literary work.
ellauri214.html on line 549: Tokarczuk felt this rejection of facts at first-hand when the Polish publication of her 2015 novel The Books of Jacob led to death threats from nationalists. Her 900-page “magnum opus” tells the true story of 18th-century Polish-Jewish religious leader Jakub Frank, who converted thousands of Orthodox Jews to a kind of Christianity that saw them condemned and persecuted for heresy.
xxx/ellauri086.html on line 99: Maailman onnellisin mies asuu Sydneyssä, satavuotias holokaustista livistänyt juutalainen nimeltä Jaku. Sen kosto Hitlerille ja sen kumppaneille jossain siellä alhaalla on olla onnellisempi kuin ne. Se ei vihaa niitä vaikka SS-miehet potki sitä peppuun terävillä saappaiIla sanoen Schnell! Schnell! niin että peppuun tuli haavoja jotka paranivat huonosti. Se ei vihaa niitä koska vihasta tulee vain paha mieli izelle. Mutta ei se anna niille koskaan anteexi. Kun se näki Belgiassa vankilassa tuomiota kärsivän ex-nazin joka ei osannut sanoa mixi se oikeastaan teki sen, Jaku oli onnellinen. Saku itki ja Jaku oli oikeastaan tosi iloinen. Se joka nauraa viimeisexi nauraa parhaiten.