ellauri055.html on line 107: Il faut cependant noter que les décisions de la Maison Universelle de Justice, ainsi que les exégèses des écrits sacrés faites par ʿAbd-al-Bahāʾ et Shoghi Effendi, bénéficient d’une autorité s’imposant à tous les baha’is. Ce qui a conduit depuis les années 1980-1990 à ce que plusieurs intellectuels et universitaires, historiens ou sociologues, soient chassés de la communauté baha’ie pour leurs vues jugées divergentes sur des questions-clefs (l’exclusion des femmes de la Maison universelle de justice ; l’obligation de soumettre toute publication, même universitaire, à un comité de censure ; l’homosexualité ; un système électoral qui favorise les sortants ; l’interdiction de participer à un parti politique ou d’adhérer à une organisation comme Amnesty International, etc., et surtout le sujet central de l’infaillibilité des institutions).
ellauri055.html on line 115: Voici un exemple de quelques lois et préceptes religieux tirés du Kitāb-i Aqdas. Elles ont été codifiées par Shoghi Effendi, interprète désigné des écrits baha’is de 1921 à 1957 :
ellauri055.html on line 142: Le mariage baha’i est l’union d’un homme et d’une femme. Originellement la bigamie était autorisée mais cette licence disparut sous Shoghi Effendi.
ellauri055.html on line 148: Mais d’après le Gardien Shoghi Effendi Rabbānī, le véritable symbole de la Foi baha’ie est cette étoile à 5 branches et non pas l’étoile à 9 pointes : « Strictly speaking the 5-pointed star is the symbol of our Faith, as used by the Báb and explained by Him (« À proprement parler, l’étoile à 5 branches est le symbole de notre Foi, tel qu’utilisé par le Bab et expliqué par lui ») »
ellauri055.html on line 152: Shoghi Effendi Rabbānī (شوقي أفندي رباني) est né le 1er mars 1897 à Saint-Jean-d'Acre et mort à Londres le 4 novembre 1957. Il était le plus âgé des petits-fils de ʿAbd-al-Bahāʾ (1844-1921), qui était lui-même l’aîné des fils de Bahāʾ-Allāh (1817-1892), le prophète-fondateur de la Foi baha’ie.
ellauri247.html on line 112: GLOSSARY Bahloo, moon. Beeargah, hawk. Beeleer, black cockatoo. Beereeun, prickly lizard. Bibbee, woodpecker, bird. Bibbil, shiny-leaved box-tree. Bilber, a large kind of rat. Bindeah, a prickle or small thorn. Birrahlee, baby. Birrableegul, children. Birrahgnooloo, woman's name, meaning "face like a tomahawk handle." Boobootella, the big bunch of feathers at the back of an emu. Boolooral, an owl. Boomerang, a curved weapon used in hunting and in warfare by the blacks; called Burren by the Narran blacks. Borah, a large gathering of blacks where the boys are initiated into the mysteries which make them young men. Bou-gou-doo-gahdah, the rain bird. Bouyou, legs. Bowrah or Bohrah, kangaroo. Bralgahs, native companion, bird. Bubberah, boomerang that returns and bumps you in the back of your head. Buckandee, native cat. Buggoo, flying squirrel. Bulgahnunnoo, bark-backed. Bunbundoolooey, brown flock pigeon. Bunnyyarl, flies. Byamee, man's name, meaning "big man." Bwana, African sir. Capparis, caper. Combi, bag made of kangaroo skins. Comfy, foldable plastic pillow. Cookooburrah, laughing jackass. Coorigil, name of place, meaning sign of bees. Corrobboree, black fellows' dance. Cunnembeillee, woman's name, meaning pig-weed root. Curree guin guin, butcher-bird. Daen, black fellows. Dardurr, bark, humpy or shed. Dayah minyah, carpet snake (vällykäärme). Deegeenboyah, soldier-bird. Decreeree, willy wagtail. Dinewan, emu. Dingo, native dog. Doonburr, a grass seed. Doongara, lightning. Dummerh, 2nd rate pigeons. Dungle, water hole. Dunnia, wattle. Eär moonan, long sharp teeth. Effendi, Turkish sir. Euloo marah, large tree grubs. Edible. In fact yummy. Euloo wirree, rainbow. Gayandy, borah devil. Galah or Gilah, a French grey and rose-coloured cockatoo. Gidgereegah, a species of small parrot. Gooeea, warriors. Googarh, iguana. Googoolguyyah, run into trees. Googoorewon, place of trees. Goolahwilleel, absolutely top-knot pigeon. Gooloo, magpie. Goomade, red stamp. Goomai, water rat. Goomblegubbon, bastard or just plain turkey. Goomillah, young girl's dress, consisting of waist strings made of opossum's sinews with strands of woven opossum's hair hanging about a foot square in front. Yummy. Goonur, kangaroo rat. Goug gour gahgah, laughing-jackass. Literal meaning, "Take a stick of bamboo and boil it in the water." Grooee, handsome foliaged tree bearing a plum-like fruit, tart and bitter, but much liked by the blacks. Guinary, light eagle hawk. Guineboo, robin redbreast. Gurraymy, borah devil. Gwai, red. Gwaibillah, star. Kurreah, an alligator. Mahthi, dog. Maimah, stones. Maira, paddy melon. Massa, American sir. May or Mayr, wind. Mayrah, spring wind. Meainei, girls. Midjee, a species of acacia. Millair, species of kangaroo rat. Moodai, opossum. Moogaray, hailstones. Mooninguggahgul, mosquito-calling bird. Moonoon, emu spear. Mooregoo, motoke. Mooroonumildah, having no eyes. Morilla or Moorillah, pebbly ridges. Mubboo, beefwood-tree. Mullyan, eagle hawk. Mullyangah, the morning star. Murgah muggui, big grey spider. Murrawondah, climbing rat. Narahdarn, bat. Noongahburrah, tribe of blacks on the Narran. Nullah nullah, a club or heavy-headed weapon. Nurroo gay gay, dreadful pain. Nyunnoo or Nunnoo, a grass humpy. Ooboon, blue-tongued lizard. Oolah, red prickly lizard. Oongnairwah, black driver. Ouyan, curlew. Piggiebillah, ant-eater. One of the Echidna, a marsupial. Quarrian, a kind of parrot. Quatha, quandong; a red fruit like a round red plum. Sahib, Indian sir. Senhor, Brazilian sir. U e hu, rain, only so called in song. Waligoo, to hide. Wahroogah, children. Wahn, crow. Walla Walla, place of many waters. Wallah, I swear to God. Wallah, Indian that carries out a manual task. Waywah, worn by men, consisting of a waistband made of opossum's sinews with bunches of strips of paddy melon skins hanging from it. ​Wayambeh, turtle. Weeoombeen, a small bird, girl's name. Some thing like robin redbreast, only with longer tail and not so red a breast. Willgoo willgoo, pointed stick with feathers on top. Widya nurrah, a wooden battle-axe shaped weapon. Wirree, small piece of bark, canoe-shaped. Wirreenun, priest or doctor. Womba, mad. Wondah, spirit or ghost. Wurranunnah, wild bees. Wurranunnah, tame bees. Wurrawilberoo, whirlwind with a devil in it; also clouds of Magellan. Yaraan, white gum-tree. Yhi, the sun. Yuckay, oh dear!