ellauri028.html on line 330: "Mademoiselle from Armentières" is an English song that was particularly popular during World War I. It is also known by its ersatz French hook line, Hinky Dinky Parlez-vous (variant: Parlay voo).
ellauri028.html on line 370: Hinky, Dinky Par ley voo.
ellauri028.html on line 395: Hinky, Dinky Par ley voo.
ellauri028.html on line 421: Hinky, Dinky Par ley voo.
ellauri198.html on line 721: Roland and his ka-tet travel to Thunderclap, then to the nearby Devar-Toi, to help a group of psychics known as Breakers who are allowing their telepathic abilities to be used to break away at the beams that support the Tower. Ted Brautigan and Dinky Earnshaw assist the gunslingers with information and weapons, and reunite Roland with his old friend Sheemie Ruiz from Mejis. The Gunslingers free the Breakers from their captors, but Eddie is wounded after the battle and dies a short while later. Roland and Jake pause to mourn and then jump to Maine of 1999 along with Oy, in order to save the life of Stephen King (whom he writes to be a secondary character in the book); the ka-tet have come to believe that the success of their quest depends on King surviving to write about it through his books.