ellauri147.html on line 424: Yes, many Jewish women have felt the curse of the eyebrow. Must be in the genes. That being said, perhaps you should embrace them? Look at Lily Collins! (Yes, we know, she is only a quarter Jewish: dad Phil clearly isn´t.) She OWNS those eyebrows. Those eyebrows are her calling card. You think she is getting Hollywood roles without those eyebrows? (Alright, dad Phil clearly helps.)
ellauri150.html on line 703: And now comes a bit of papal humor, "Were this the case, it would follow that to become free we must be deprived of reason." Pretty funny, huh? Ok, I see you're not laughing, but instead are scratching your head. Alright, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a 60s hippy high on LSD, dancing wildly, and shouting out, "I'm free! I'm free!" Yes, this is one of the messages that is often repeated like a mantra in today's society, "If you want to free yourself, you have to stop thinking and just let yourself go." In 1888, Pope Leo XIII rejected this notion and even ridiculed it.
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xxx/ellauri149.html on line 432: The 1973 film has an emotionally charged moment during Everything's Alright, with Jesus gently lifting Judas' chin, the two gripping each other's shoulders, and their arms slowly slipping away from each other, until they clasp hands and have several seconds of intense eye contact.
xxx/ellauri169.html on line 182: Despite watching Disney movies and films many times, you may not realize that some characters, who you think are harmless, are actually villains. Alright, let’s find out the answer with the top 10 Disney Characters who are not as good as what you assume. Bah, boring. Minor sex offenders Peter Pan and Aladdin. I was expecting Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck.
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